Hydromatics Parts Unknown

Just as the Scandinavian hard rock movement was becoming a bona fide phenomenon, it all just went limp. Its best group, Turbonegro, broke up after the release of their awesome Apocalypse Dudes album, the Hellacopters became a laid-back boogie bar band and the rest of the pack, (Gluecifer et al), weren’t much to begin with. Now the Hydromatics have hit the scene, whose most noteworthy feature is that the members include Scott Morgan, formerly of Sonics Rendezvous band, and MC5 fan-boy extraordinaire, Hellacopter Nick Royale. The result of this unnecessary super-session is just under 40 minutes of lukewarm Spinal Tap meets Roky and the Aliens-esque nonsense. It makes one wonder how far these Viking weasels will go to try to get Detroit credibility. Maybe they should just go dig up Fred Smith and Rob Tyner’s bodies and put them on display at their so-called rock shows, or actually move to Detroit where their lily-white asses wouldn’t last a minute. Maybe it’s time to stop making lame rip-offs of the Motor City rock sound, guys, and find one of your own. (White Jazz)