The Huxtables A Touch of Wonder

Be prepared for 42 pages of madness. The Huxtables have paired their CD with a mini-booklet featuring drawings such as a creature that appears to be half human, a crown on what looks like a superhero and a computer screen smoking a pipe. This combustion of awkward images best describes the mood of the album. A Touch of Wonder is a synth pop meets sampling meets indie rock delight. Travelling in and out of songs, the twosome incorporate some vocals and use strange voice clips, which in turn roll into distorted guitar and drum tracks. And, if you want to see and hear even more, there is a lovely DVD with a couple videos with the band wearing long beards accompanied by children dressed up as pizza and then wizards! With drawings of monsters and mutated humans, and songs with weird rings and tones, the Huxtables have created a 42-page wide, 13-song long interpretation of madness, and it’s grand. (Famous Class)