Husky Rescue Ship of Light

Until now, Finland's Husky Rescue have been making music that matched both the geography and climate of their homeland: quiet and sparse, but with moments of beauty that turn heads. Third album Ship of Light represents a logical progression for the band. Each subsequent release fleshed out their original ambient sound, and now Husky Rescue are a fully formed unit with a fully formed sound. These are no longer sketches or ideas that merely drift along, as if blown by a gust of wind ― these are gorgeous pop songs impossible to ignore. This record is a huge step forward in every way. Thanks to the lovely vocals of Reeta Vestman, Husky Rescue currently resemble the Cardigans at their most subtle and sublime, and the songs definitely fall into that special class of indie pop every Scandinavian country seems capable of producing. The mix of guitars and electronica happens effortlessly, making this one of the best records to come from Northern Europe in 2010. (Catskills)