Hudson Mohawke "100hm"

Hudson Mohawke '100hm'
Aside from allowing us to live out our fantasies of stealing sports cars and mowing down grannies, it's starting to look like the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V game is going to be an enormous event for music fans of all kinds. The leaked tracklisting promises new material from A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator as well as an entire radio station curated by Flying Lotus. Now, we get more music from the game courtesy of Kanye West's favourite Glaswegian producer, Hudson Mohawke.

HudMo's contribution to the game is "100hm," another track of his built on cavernous, rumbling drums and a spooky organ riff. The track will appear on the aforementioned Flying Lotus station, but you can check out a snippet of it below.

GTA V will be available on September 17.