HSY "Slimeball" (video)

HSY 'Slimeball' (video)
"Why are you so uptight tonight?" It's a valid question in most any situation if you're kicking it with some sort of stickler. But when it's posed from a terrifying growler, as in the video for HSY's "Slimeball," you may have more sympathy for the Nervous Nellies out there.

Framed as a performance video/cult ritual, the new Scion Sessions-presented video for the cut, plucked from their 2013 self-titled EP, has the outfit unfurling ooze-dripping guitar licks, derelict cries and drum pad-driven minimalism. If that weren't creepy enough, just check the bundled up cohorts lining the band's periphery, each silk sheet covered individual just barely grooving to the grinding grunge-blues number.

"This video was filmed with high ranking members of the Illuminati present, their identities are concealed as they are well known in their communities as doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other upstanding members of society," HSY singer/vocalist Jude said in a statement, adding of the video shoot, "We were taken from our homes late at night to perform in a remote location. They took our electronic devices and declined us food and water."

It may make you feel anxious, but you can check out the video down below.

In other news, HSY recently released their "Cyber Bully"/"Phantasm Blast" 7-inch through Buzz Records/Too Pure.

Tour dates:

06/19 Toronto, ON - Adelaide Hall (NXNE)
06/21 Toronto, ON - The Great Hall (NXNE)
07/26 - Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz (Incline/Decline Festival)