Hrsta L'éclat du Ciel Était Insoutenable

There is always beauty in sadness and Hrsta have captured it in all its reclusive and introspectively soaked manner. Headed by Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Molasses cosmonaut Mike Moya, the virtues of mental turmoil and chaos are expressed lyrically and the musical reaction to what is sullenly sung is dark, graceful and technically minimal, but the results that are felt have the emotional depth of the farthest nebula in space. In between the array of lonesome and melodically rustic cosmopolitan-like flowing ballads are vast ambient pieces with loops, theremin and the like that drone and hypnotise the listener, taking them deeper into their minds, like a psychic elevator that knows no fixed dimensions or directions. It is as if PJ Harvey, Hank Williams (the first) and Nico were fucking around with a chemistry set and created a chemical that even Syd Barrett would consume for old times sakes! (Fancy)