How to Dress Well "Precious Love" (video)

How to Dress Well 'Precious Love' (video)
In June, How to Dress Well's 2014 album "What Is This Heart?" celebrated its first anniversary, and project-leader Tom Krell celebrated the occasion by filming a video for "Precious Love."

The clip begins with a short note that gives Krell a chance to thank his fans for their support. We then see a performance in which the singer chills out on a couch while his band perform the twinkling, romantic soul-pop song. For the purposes of this video, his band includes Prince Innocence members Josh McIntyre and Talvi Faustmann, plus others. It was directed by Colin Bergh.

Krell said in a statement [via Pitchfork]:

hey so in june i popped up to toronto and made a video w my friends colin bergh (director) and johnny hockin (producer/editor) --- and got josh, drew, talvi and allegra to be my *band* for the day :) shouts to basia for the styling we all look lovely :+) took a while to get it all together but i made it to celebrate the first birthday of "What Is This Heart?" and to bring something sweet nd tender and cute to all the sweet people all over the world who support my music. love yall and i hope you enjoy PRECIOUS LOVE <3 <3 <3

Check out the casual clip below.