Houston Brothers The Houston Brothers

On their second album, the Houston Brothers’ ability comes in peaks and valleys. The Asheville, NC-based duo linger in the subdued middle ground of Gomez’s more relaxed work while adding tinges of Belle and Sebastian and the Magnetic Fields. While this overall mood is great, the band has trouble selling the fact that they understand what they are delivering. There is really no weak track on the album, but the band never seize their sound, preventing a real stand-out track either. Overall, the album ends up having a frustrating feeling of half-realised greatness. It’s a shame too, because even as is, the Houston Brothers have delivered an impressive disc. It’s just the nagging feeling of what could have been that haunts every track and hinders the experience. Still, the band shows more potential in their flaws than most bands show in top form. (Marita The Knife)