HotKid Someday Somehow

With a couple of Can rock legends in their employ, Cambridge, ON-based duo HotKid present a record that's sonically more refined than anything they've released to date. A punk-infused band with a penchant for country-flavoured classic rock riffs, HotKid forsake frills for stark passion. The raw power of Shiloh Harrison as a vocalist and guitarist is bolstered by the quaking rhythms of deceptively straight-ahead drummer Peter McIntosh and, up to now, the band's tight sound has been captured haphazardly. In seeking out C'mon front-man/noted producer Ian Blurton and Eric's Trip's Rick White to help shape (and perform on) their new record, HotKid find clear definition for some terrific new songs. Often resembling some combination of Bleach-era Nirvana fronted by Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker, the band's full range of talent is exhibited on this third release and, while it lacks the grit of previous records, it reveals HotKid honing their craft. (Independent)