Hot Snakes Reunite, Hint at Tour

Hot Snakes Reunite, Hint at Tour
Following a six-year hiatus, juiced-up juke joint punks Hot Snakes have announced their return, though maybe for just one show. Earlier this week, a rumour surfaced that the band, who broke up in 2005 and splintered off into Obits and Night Marchers, would be getting back together for ATP's Nightmare Before Xmas festival in Minehead, England this December. Consider it rumour no more, as the band have stepped in to confirm the upcoming gig.

"Yeah, we're doin it," guitarist John Reis wrote on his Swami Records' message board. "I'm super stokified on this. So far just ATP is confirmed. We are talking about maybe doin a couple more shows before hand. Not sure where but not west coast. We will be hangin on the east coast so most likely out there or in europe. I will letchu know."

Going by Reis's statement, we can expect that he, co-vocalist/guitarist Rick Froberg and bassist Gar Wood will bash it out onstage. It's unclear, though, whether original drummer Jason Kourkounis, fellow ex-member/current OFF! drummer Mario Rubalcaba or a brand new percussionist will sit behind the kit.

So while not much info has been released as of yet, we can expect at least a couple more shows out of the troupe, but not on the West Coast. No matter where you live, though, don't suggest where the guys should gig. They've got everything under control.

"Please do not share your thoughts or preferences on the matter," Reis concluded, "not interested in suggestions."

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the tip.