Hot Snakes 'Auto Midnight Scrap Heap Instros'

Hot Snakes 'Auto Midnight Scrap Heap Instros'
Despite knocking out a bunch of reunion dates, bi-coastal U.S. punks Hot Snakes hadn't promised the nostalgia trip would yield any new material. A glimmer of hope has come, however, via the recent posting of some old studio demos.

Guitarist/vocalist John Reis revealed the goodies via SoundCloud, and these four unnamed instrumental tracks were laid down by Reis and drummer Jason Kourkounis in 1999, along with a number of other tunes, before being sent to guitarist Rick Froberg. Many of the tracks ended up on the troupe's first two albums, Automatic Midnight and Suicide Invoice, but these four songs weren't recorded past this demo stage.

"So these are the left over, leftovers in unmixed form. None of these unfinished ideas match the released songs and these tunes are sorely missing Rick's contributions, so don't listen too closely," Reis posted. "Since I am likely to lose/break the DAT that they are on or will soon be unable to play it, I thought I would share."

The tracks generally follow the Hot Snakes vibe, with the first sounding rather jacked up and ominous, and the third featuring a doomy strum. The fourth cut, however, has some hypnotic, Suicide-styled motorik rhythms tossed in to shake things up.

You can check it all out here.