Hot Panda "Future Markets" (video)

Hot Panda 'Future Markets' (video)
It's been a couple of months since Vancouver-based quartet Hot Panda unveiled "Future Markets," the tightly wound first single from their upcoming Go Outside LP, and now the act have delivered a slightly ominous video clip for the number.

In it, singer/guitarist Chris Connolly gets busted out of a jail cell by some masked kidnappers, who then toss his rigid body into the back of their van. From there, the pair meets up with some sketchy, super-powered business types to negotiate a deal for their captive, but end up getting more than they bargained for. Connelly, meanwhile, just ends up in another kind of prison. Sucks to be him, really.

Watch the video below courtesy of CBC Music.

As previously reported, Go Outside, including its penis-y cover art, comes out July 17 via Mint.