Hot Chip "Why Make Sense?"

Hot Chip 'Why Make Sense?'
Hot Chip are using today's (May 7) general election in the UK to deliver some pointed commentary, as well as to stream out the title track to their upcoming Why Make Sense? LP. You can check out both options on a new, politically themed website.

The site itself is modelled after the album's magenta-tinted artwork and information dump the Drudge Report, though it's arsenal of links is jumbled and dyslexic. It even cops the current tag of the latter's "Election on Knife's Edge; Britain on Brink," recasting it as the near-nonsensical "Eeltcoin on Kinef's Egde; UK on Brnik."

The single is a little more lucid, with a mean backbeat, cloud-soft vocals and a series of staccato blips conspiring to make a lovely if society-questioning single. "Why make sense when the world around refuses," it ponders.

Tory, Labour, Liberal, Green or other, you can sort that out for yourself by giving the song a stream over here.

Why Make Sense? is out May 19 via Domino