Hooded Fang "Ode to Subterrania" (video)

Hooded Fang 'Ode to Subterrania' (video)
Earlier this morning (May 23), Toronto garage pop crew Hooded Fang let us in on a few secrets behind their new LP, Gravez, and now the band are premiering the busy video clip for the set's "Ode to Subterrania."

At first, the video is full of inky, ever-morphing Rorschach test-styled visuals, but as the song unravels, the screen gets cluttered with cubist objects. Most fittingly, though, the jittery rave-up number also gets fitted with some scratched up footage of an old-school teen dance party. Don't forget to bust out your own moves when you stream the clip down below.

As previously reported, Gravez arrives on May 28 via Daps Records.