Hooded Fang Prepping New 'Gravez' Album for 2013

> Nov 09 2012

Hooded Fang Prepping New 'Gravez' Album for 2013
By Alex HudsonToronto indie pop outfit Hooded Fang released Album in 2010 and Tosta Mista in 2011, and while they didn't put out an album in 2012, they're planning to remedy that will a new full-length in 2013.

The album is called Gravez, and DIY reports that it will be out in March. Recording sessions are complete, and the band explained, "So it's done now, pretty much, and then it just has to go through all the motions and come out in the spring."

In regards to the slightly goofy misspelling of the otherwise sinister title, they explained, "We have a 'z' on the end of it. Z's on the end of Canadian things are really hypo."

Beyond that, we're not too sure of what to expect from the new collection. Earlier this year, the band's UK label, Full Time Hobby, released live footage of a song called "Graves," which is presumably the collection's title track. See that below.

Watch from more details about the album to emerge in the coming months and be sure to add this to your list of albums to watch for in 2013.

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