Hooded Fang Hooded Fang

It’s all but impossible for anyone who likes wistful, sweet guitar pop to not fall at least in like with this cracking little EP. Hooded Fang jangle the blues away with a flitting, heart-on-sleeve approach to crafting distinct summer pop tunes. From the saloon piano foot stomper "Train Station” to the breezy synth pop of "Circles n Blocks” or most notably, the unstoppable glock-handclap-bass sugar rush of "Fall Leaves,” there’s nary a misstep here. And they manage to do all this without tweeing things up excessively. Singer Daniel Lee has a lazy, nonchalant drawl that keeps things from getting overly cutesy poo. Come for the Mordecai Richler reference, stay for the feel-good buzz. (Independent)