Honeyhander Wolly Mannerisms

This EP is an immediately poignant burst of shredded post-punk, destroyed new wave and hyper-layered wisps of noise rock coated with flowing vocals. This is the fascinating debut from this Providence, RI quintet. Urgent, beautiful, and distorted all at once, Honeyhander have created something that is impossible to get out of your head. With lyrics that give something to think about and arrangements that are flawless and fused with intricacies, Honeyhander’s music isn’t likely to leave your memory any time soon after listening. If every band could be this good, the music industry would be booming. This band balance the caustic with the fragile, and Honeyhander are poised to be a band in high demand once the word gets out on this. Although there are only five songs here, Woolly Mannerisms seems to run on longer than would be expected because there’s so much to hear in every song. This will be the most exciting 16 minutes of your life. (Strictly Amateur Films)