Holly Golightly Truly She Is None Other

Having graced the recordings of present-day rock torch-bearers like Mudhoney, Rocket From the Crypt and most recently the White Stripes, Holly Golightly initially came to attention at the beginning of the ’90s as a member of the Billy Childish offshoot, Thee Headcoatees. She almost immediately began recording solo material which has never veered far off the path of early American rock’n’roll. Think of a female Buddy Holly with an attitude, a deadpan delivery, and a ton of soul. Unlike much of the current wave of garage rock that reaches for the loudest, most distorted and aggressive tones, Holly Golightly gives us the stripped-down building blocks of early rock’n’roll. Accordingly, quite a few of these tracks have been put to tape at the now famous Toe-Rag studios in London, known for its vintage ’50s recording equipment. The simplicity of instrumentation is ideal, bringing together melodic bass lines, steady snare beats, complete with tambourine, and sweet twanging guitar riffs with a minimum of intervention. It’s all wrapped in the warmest most heartfelt vocals with plenty of space opened up to appreciate the sweet grooves on each track. A couple Ray Davies covers ("Time Will Tell” and "Tell Me Know So I Know”) augment the mostly original set of classic rockers and ballads inflected by blues, gospel and country influences. Highlights include "All Around The Houses” and "You Have Yet To Win.” She recognises a great pop hook when she hears it and then leaves well enough alone. Sure, it’s been done a million time before, but not all that recently and rarely this purely. (Damaged Goods)