Hollowphonic Majestic

A much-delayed follow up to 1999’s Phonic 50mg album, Toronto’s Hollowphonic bring us this six-song EP that continues their tradition of creating excellent, dreamy guitar music. Considering it was recorded without any budget for their Pharmasound label, Majestic is impressively accomplished, incorporating a wider array of instruments, even allowing an acoustic guitar or a xylophone to be heard over the washes of delayed guitar. This signature guitar sound and Brad Ketchen’s watery vocals are still present, although the material has a more diverse structure this time, with tracks like "Let Yourself Go” showing how they have the ability to create great pop songs. Supposedly a year in the making, this EP is a sign of good things to come if the lads keep up the pace. With Sianspheric back in action again these days, it’s good to see that Canadians aren’t afraid to make this type of music; utilising sounds and chords that inspire a mood or a feeling rather than a knee-jerk reaction to rock hooks or lyrics. Granted, there is still ground to make up between Hollowphonic and genre pioneers like Radiohead or Spiritualized, but given the obvious gap in experience and financial support, the guys are doing pretty well if this EP is any indication of what lies ahead. (Pharmasound)