Hollerado Preparing to Release Massive '111 Songs' Collection

Hollerado Preparing to Release Massive '111 Songs' Collection
Last year, when Hollerado released their album White Paint, they offered pre-order packages that included a customized song. At the time, the band said they hoped to release them in some capacity; now, they're preparing to make good on that suggestion with a collection called 111 Songs.

As the title indicates, the band have written 111 ditties for the folks who pre-ordered their record. In a series of tweets, they announced that the first of these will come out on January 6; the rest of them will be widely released in March.

Hollerado said that they are "super close to being done" the songs. They promised to announce more details regarding the format, but we're guessing that the collection will be digital, since it's hard to image 111 songs fitting onto a CD or record. Hollerado added that they've been in the studio, so apparently these aren't homemade recordings.

See the tweets below.

Last year, frontman frontman Menno Versteeg told Exclaim!, "It's completely no rules, mass produced creativity. Some of them are little 30-second ditties on an acoustic guitar. Some of them are completely linear with no chorus or no bridge and not like a normal song. Some of them are an electronic dance beat that repeats the person's name and some other weird stuff — music to trip out to. We're just going with whatever, really."