Hollerado "Pick Me Up" (video)

Hollerado 'Pick Me Up' (video)
Hollerado have always had a knack for fun, inventive videos, and the new clip for "Pick Me Up" is no exception.

The weirdo video accompanying this exuberant power pop tune mixes quirky animation with gleefully silly shots of battling hot air balloons. Meanwhile, the band perform inside of a giant balloon while people skip rope behind them.

"Turns out balloonists are an awesome pseudo-cult that get up at 3:30 am, put on weird hats, eat pancakes, fly their balloons around for an hour, and then get totally blasted in a field together while they trade balloon cards and pins," said singer Menno Versteeg in a statement. "Needless to say we had an amazing time. We met a ton of excellent people including Franz the cocker spaniel and some pink-haired jump ropers and of course Braeden, the awesome red-headed kid who knew the name and date of every hurricane in the last 50 years. We asked them to be in our video and came up with this complicated plot that we thought was amazing."

"Pick Me Up" comes from White Paint, due out in February through the band's own Royal Mountain Records.