hollAnd Photographs & Tidalwaves

The size of Tooth & Nail’s roster seems to be almost infinite, with the latest addition being Holland, a four-piece currently based in Nashville. Their backbone is a pair of brothers (Will and Josiah Holland) whose aim is to emulate the likes of the Foo Fighters with driving rock songs with the inevitable Tooth & Nail subliminal message that is relatively well-hidden. There really isn’t anything particularly bad about Holland — at best, they sound more than a little like the Doughboys. But for the most part, their songs sound like the kind of song you hear on the radio and find yourself humming along with it before it ends. Yet as soon as it finishes, you have absolutely no recollection of how it sounded. That’s Holland — forgettable, polished, radio-friendly rock that will probably have no impact on your life at all. (Tooth and Nail)