Hole Reunion a No-Go, Bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur says

Hole Reunion a No-Go, Bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur says
As we told you yesterday, Courtney Love has been spreading the rumours that her grrrly grunge crew Hole will be reuniting, albeit without original guitarist Eric Erlandson. The announcement brought a lot of drama, including some words from bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur suggesting that she didn't have a clue that the band was reforming.

To make sense of it all, we got in touch with Auf Der Maur, who said that, as far as she knows, the reunion isn't happening. "My loyalty to the legacy of Hole is eternal, [but] there is no reunion mapped out as of now," she wrote in an email to Exclaim! "I have nothing to do with the legal beagle name game, and it is true that Love and I have been in touch for the first time in a decade, but in the context of female humans with a significant sisterhood that are reconnecting because it's been awhile."

Instead, Auf Der Maur told us that her mixed media project Out of Our Minds is complete, and will be "unveiled this autumn and hunt its way to human ears and hearts in the dead of winter to be consumed in the company of snow." The project includes a CD, a comic and a fantasy film. A video from the project is available below.

Unfortunately, that's not the only Auf Der Maur news. The Canadian bassist/songwriter has also contracted swine flu. As she reported on The Mark, she caught the flu "somewhere between a video shoot in Vermont, a heavy metal concert in London, and my musical showcase in Toronto." Still recovering, you can read all about her experiences on Mark's website.

OOOM Trailer from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.