Hocico Wrack and Ruin

Having performed together for over ten years now, this duo from Mexico City is still producing great stuff. Hocico have the gift of being horrific in all the right places and their latest work is a testament to such a fact. Featuring appropriately sinister vocals, and darkly savage synth compositions, Wrack and Ruin proves there is still room for morbidity within the electro-industrial music scene. Yet, the actual presentation of this disc leaves something to be desired. The songs lean towards sounding flat, and what should be a forceful, attention clutching experience instead comes across as mere background music. Still, their live performance is where these guys stand out, and therefore a little mediocrity in their recordings, albeit a shame, is also forgivable. Besides, it doesn’t look like they’ll be in Canada anytime soon, so for now we will have to settle for Wrack and Ruin. (Metropolis)