Hjortur To My Future

Denmark-based singer-songwriter Hjortur is a rather innocuous aspiring pop artist who writes songs that are both chuckle-inducing and endearing. His lyrics are in English but sung with a strong Nordic accent. The closest equivalent that comes to mind would be Nico's work with the Velvet Underground, only Hjortur sings with more emotion. The songs on To My Future are cute and sometimes even catchy as he expresses common pop song themes of love, loneliness and a desire for world peace. Hjortur sings, strums the guitar and programs the synthesisers and drum machines to make material not unlike what is currently on the Top 40 pop charts, with the exception of a youthful sexuality and air-brushed charisma. Instead Hjortur offers an earnestness and some melodic ability that gets the listener to hum or even sing along to a catchy line or chorus. To My Future may not be stirring for the music savvy collector but certainly is rewarding to those who like genuine expression even though it adheres to standard pop conventions. (Around the Corner)