Hilario Duran Trio


BY Glen HallPublished Jul 19, 2010

Yes, pianist Hilario Duran is Canada's foremost Cuban jazz musician, with awards and accolades in abundance. And from the very first tune, "It's Only Seven," it's apparent why. Careening from virtuosic to funky, always supported faultlessly by the bass of Roberto Occhipinti and the tight drums of Mark Kelso, the tune bristles with energy, intelligence and charismatic musicality. "Conversation With A Lunatic" has a Bud Powell, manic feel, firing off in different directions at the drop of a hat. "Havana City" is cinematic, with evocative string parts, pulsing bata drums and a lonely vocal line by guest Joaquin Hildago. Occhipinti's bass solo is a model of melodic and rhythmic economy leading into Duran's lyrical exploration of his majestic, memory-laden musical concept. "Tango Moruno" is powered by elaborate, blazing, arpeggiated lines that lift the tune to blissful heights. Engaging, robust and vigorous, Motion is full of the life force that makes the best music even better. Recommended.

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