High Watt Electrocutions Night Songs

On their debut full-length recording, the Winnipeg-based High Watt Electrocutions offer an impressive range of neo-psychedelia and space rock songs that resonate for miles. Many of the epic tunes clock in around the ten-minute mark and the extended durations serve to establish an intricate sonic architecture. The barbiturate-laced splendour of Spacemen 3 serves as a key reference point on many songs, including "Sonic Maelstrom” and "Into the Abyss,” but the disc also offers a variety of other textures. At close to 70 minutes in length, Night Songs does pose demands on a listener’s attention span but its dense layers are well worth exploring and returning to for repeated listenings. With this recording, High Watt Electrocutions convey an excellent comprehension of how to spin musical repetition into hypnotic cascades of sound. (Introspection)