High Five Drive Service Engine Soon

These Winnipeg punk rockers have a lot of confidence, but an album that goes nowhere. This is their second release in a two-year long career and it follows up their EP …Something Better, which was well received with little distribution. High Five Drive has a penchant for dual vocals, but with a staccato style that gets unquestionably annoying. The tracks all seem to blend together, and ultimately the album doesn’t lead up to anything. This is more punk in the melodic vein that everyone’s heard before, and there isn’t even a hint here that the band is considering, or capable of, stepping into anything a little more original or developing their own style. This album doesn’t have any selling points as it is uninventive, recycled, and its repetitive style gets just as boring as it is irritating. Maybe High Five Drive should have spent more time developing their creativity before releasing a full-length. (Independent)