The High Dials Announce 'In the AM Wilds' LP

The High Dials Announce 'In the AM Wilds' LP
Montreal psych slingers the High Dials have come through with their promise to put out a full-length following a pair of EP releases, confirming that the appropriately titled In the AM Wilds arrives February 3 through Fontana North/Universal.

While the outfit's Yestergraves EP arrived at the end of 2013 and Desert Tribe dropped in the summer, this will be the project's first official full-length since 2010's Anthems for a Doomed Youth. It's the act's fifth full-length overall.

A press release explains that a few lineup changes over the years led to vocalist Trevor Anderson and guitarist Robbie MacArthur prepping the set, with a fluctuating collection of musicians helping them outside of the studio. The shift led pair to explore post-punk textures and "groove-based pop," adding these flavours to the jangly tones of past work.

"We were anxious to do something new creatively," Anderson explained in a statement. "We had been making music together for a while so there was talk of breaking up. In fact, we did lose some members. But in the end we came through all the questioning renewed and excited by change."

The album was produced by Marc Bell (We Are Wolves, the Fugees), with the tracklisting comprising new tunes and a few cuts nicked from Yestergraves and Desert Tribe. Thematically, the set is said to be influenced by Anderson's experienced working outside of the band as a DJ, with the collection tapping into the spirit of Montreal nightlife.

"But this is obviously not a party record,'" Anderson said. "It's about the visions and dreams that come to you in that state of mind, and that means everything from ecstasy to anxiety, yearnings of the highest and lowest form. The night appears as a wilderness, a world people get lost in for better or worse. In the dark things appear and your mind wanders… And sometimes it's hard to find your way home."

You'll find an atmospheric trailer mixing glitter-spangled six-stringing and opaque highway visuals down below.

In the AM Wilds:

1. Echoes And Empty Rooms
2. Desert Tribe
3. Yestergraves
4. Impossible Things
5. The Barroom Fisher King
6. Flower On The Vine
7. Amateur Astronomer
8. DUI
9. On Again, Off Again
10. Afterparty
11. Evil Twin
12. Club Stairs
13. Lake Of Light
14. Blank Spaces On The Map