Hey Rosetta!

"What Arrows" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 21, 2015

Newfoundland ensemble Hey Rosetta! returned with Second Sight back in the fall, and the melodic indie rockers are continuing to support their latest album with a new video for "What Arrows."
The clip is simple enough, featuring the collective clad in all white, playing in an empty, high-ceilinged room. As the song reaches its bridge, projections of rolling waves splash across the white walls.
The video premiered over at USA Today, with singer Tim Baker revealing the meaning behind the song. "It's about the manifestation of that true love in real life and what it feels like," he said. "The character in the song has just found that, and after doubting its existence for so long, is blown away by it."
Second Sight is out now via Warner. You can watch the video for "What Arrows" below.

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