Hey Rosetta! 'Second Sight' (album stream)

Hey Rosetta! 'Second Sight' (album stream)
Hey Rosetta! are back. The ornate East Coast folk rock ensemble will release Second Sight on October 21 through Sonic Records/Warner Music Canada, and in the meantime, the whole thing can be streamed ahead of time on Exclaim.ca.

As usual, Second Sight finds Hey Rosetta! aiming skyward with dramatically soaring rock anthems. This time around, many of the songs emphasize the bouncy, buoyant side of the outfit's oeuvre, with "Soft Offering" beginning the album on a pop-friendly note and "Neon Beyond" sporting heavy guitar crescendos. That being said, there are still plenty of quieter folksy moments, like the moody "What Arrows" or the slow-burning back-half numbers "Alcatraz" and "Trish's Song."

The album was produced by Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire, The National) at Montreal's MixArt Studios.

"Second Sight [is] not necessarily the traditional supernatural definition of remote viewing or seeing into the future, but more generally nurturing an alternative way of seeing your life," said frontman Tim Baker in a statement. "A way of seeing with your intuition, with your body, with your faith (in whatever) as opposed to seeing only with your eyes, your rationality, your everyday brain."

Hear it below, and check out the group's tour schedule with Stars here.

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