The Hex Dispensers Announce 'III' LP

The Hex Dispensers Announce 'III' LP
Some six years after exploring the Winchester Mystery House, Texan garage rock ghouls the Hex Dispensers have announced a follow-up LP is finally on the way. Being their third full-length affair, it's been given the appropriate title of III, and it will be issued June 6 via Germany's Alien Snatch! Records.

An interview with guitarist/vocalist Alex Cuervo hints that the album will feature the same kind of Misfits-minded punk tracks as before, with lyrics once again pulling influence from horror and sci-fi films. Some of the songs that will be included are "One Less Ghost," "House of Secrets" and "I Hope the Sun Explodes Today." You can stream the latter down below.

"I'm a huge science fiction and horror nerd, so all the subject matter comes from that," Cuervo told CVLT Nation. "Sometimes it's telling a short story like an anthology comic book or TV show, and sometimes it's a more metaphoric cloak around something more personal. Early on, I approached each song like an episode of a TV show like the Twilight Zone, but that's evolved over time."

While the album will be their first since 2009's Winchester Mystery House, the Hex Dispensers had issued a handful of vinyl singles in between. This will also be the first full-length to feature band members Drew Schmitz and Rebecca Whitley.

Up above, you'll see the high-contrast image of a coven of skeletons, which itself might owe a thing or two to the Misfits' album cover to Static Age.