Hewhocannotbenamed Sunday School Massacre

The debut solo affair from one of punk rock's most unforgettable non-faces, Sunday School Massacre finds Dwarves guitarist Hewhocannotbenamed donning not only his obligatory Mexican wrestling mask, but also lead vocal duties for 12 blasts of pop-influenced punk. In fact, with its overall garage-y atmosphere, his work is fun, but nowhere near as combative, offensive or dirty as anything cooked up with fellow conspirator Blag Dahlia. That's also why Sunday School Massacre comes with a severe caveat: many will most likely expect some of the hyperactive tempos, barbed vocals and sweet hooks He has been associated with for the past quarter-century, yet because this release is his, those aspects are decidedly lacking. Instead, we find the aforementioned garage rock, Ramones-ish pop punk and an overt playfulness, as opposed to obscene debauchery. Amusing, catchy and sonically similar to something Canada's Tijuana Bibles might have created in their day, Sunday School Massacre may not be stupefying, but it's still a solid homer by a man known more for nudity and luchadores than lyrics. (MVD)