Here's How to Optimize Your Spotify Settings for Maximum Audio Quality

Kelly McMichael has provided a helpful breakdown in support of her new singles

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 22, 2024

Spotify famously doesn't have the best audio quality possible, as Neil Young recently reminded listeners when he returned to the platform. That being said, it is possible to improve the platform's audio quality — and Canadian songwriter Kelly McMichael is here with a helpful breakdown of how to do exactly that.

The St. John's artist recently returned with the new songs "You Got It Wrong" and "Too Soon to Tell," which are beautifully produced — and in order to ensure Spotify listeners get the full experience, McMichael posted an Instagram video detailing how to optimize Spotify's audio quality settings.

This includes disabling the app's "Data Saver" toggle, as well as taking note of the Audio Quality settings for both Wi-Fi and cellular data. It's also possible to adjust the size and quality of downloaded music for offline listening.

Watch the quick and helpful breakdown below — and read Exclaim!'s recent Staff Picks post about "You Got It Wrong" and "Too Soon to Tell."

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