The Herbaliser Declare 'There Were Seven' on New Album

The Herbaliser Declare 'There Were Seven' on New Album
London, UK collaborators Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry have spent the better part of the last 17 years making jazzy hip-hop as the Herbaliser. The group haven't released a new album in a little while, however, which is why we're happy to report that they'll return with 15 brand new songs this fall.

 The new release is called There Were Seven, and a press release boasts that it offers more of the duo's signature "slabs of super heavy, psychedelic, beat-laden, post-hip-hop audio," adding that it will work as a "time-out from the tinny, uninspiring, auto-tune-infected world of today."

In addition to the core members of Herbaliser, the LP includes appearances from George the Poet, Twin Peaks, Teenburger and vocalist Hannah Clive, the latter of which appears on lead single "The Lost Boy."

That single will drop on August 27, but can be streamed below now. The full album will arrive October 8 via the band's own Department H.

There Were Seven:

1. Return of the Seven
2. The Lost Boy (ft. Hannah Clive)
3. Welcome to Extravagance
4. Mother Dove
5. Zero Hill (ft. Twin Peaks)
6. Take 'Em On
7. A Sad State of Affairs (ft. George the Poet)
8. Setting Up
9. Crimes & Misdemeanours (ft. Twin Peaks)
10. What You Asked For
11. March of the Dead Things (Night of the Necromantics) (ft. Teenburger)
12. Deep in the Woods
13. Inside The Machine
14. Danny Glover (ft. Twin Peaks)
15. Move as One