Helmet's 'Meantime' Saluted by KEN Mode, Fuck the Facts for Tribute Album

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 10, 2016

Despite maintaining a heavy presence on the live circuit, '90s-geared post-hardcore vets Helmet have not issued a full-length since 2010. Meanwhile, the music from the band's breakthrough Meantime album is getting a new lease on life via a tribute album. Featuring remodelled versions of Page Hamilton-penned songs from the likes of KEN Mode and Fuck the Facts, Meantime [Redux] arrives September 16 via Magnetic Eye Records.

The collection finds a number of acts performing their own versions of cuts that made up Helmet's classic 1992 LP, which was their sophomore release and first for major label Interscope Records. The album was steered by MTV Buzz Bin clip "Unsung," which has been revamped for the tribute album by Sunflo'er.

There's a Canadian contingent to the project, with Winnipeg's KEN Mode contributing their take on Downtown Julie Brown-referencing mid-album piece "Turned Out" and grinders Fuck the Facts providing their cover of Meantime finale "Role Model."

It should be noted that the tribute expands itself beyond the scope of Meantime, with Brief Lives closing out the new 16-song collection with an interpretation of "Milquetoast," a Helmet song that both appeared the soundtrack to The Crow and their 1994 release, Betty.

Other acts involved include Meek Is Murder, BlackWolfGoat, Rosetta, Livver, Kings Destroy and more. Covers from I Am Become Death and Meek Is Murder can be streamed below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan, while pre-orders for Meantime [Redux] can be found here.

Founded by guitarist/vocalist Hamilton in the late '80s, Helmet has released seven full-lengths over the years, the last of which being 2010's Seeing Eye Dog. An eighth LP has been in the works for a couple of years, though an ETA for the set has yet to be confirmed.

Meantime [Redux]:

1. I Am Become Death - "In the Meantime"
2. Earthship - "Ironhead"
3. Ironweed - "Give It"
4. Sunflo'er - "Unsung"
5. KEN Mode - "Turned Out"
6. Kings Destroy - "He Feels Bad"
7. Meek Is Murder - "Better"
8. Ironweed - "You Borrowed"
9. The Glorious Rebellion - "FBLA II"
10. Fuck the Facts - "Role Model"
11. Fashion Week - "I Know"
12. Rosetta - "Like I Care"
13. Livver - "Sinatra"
14. Heads. - "Blacktop"
15. BlackWolfGoat - "Bad Mood"
16. Brief Lives - "Milquetoast"

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