Helmet Set New LP for Summer Release

BY Greg PrattPublished Mar 29, 2010

Groovin' post-hardcore/metal dudes Helmet have announced a release date and title for their new album. The disc will be called, for better or for worse, Seeing Eye Dog, and will be released on June 22.

The band released their last album, Monochrome, back in 2006. This new record will be their first for Work Song Music, a label co-owned by singer-songwriter Joe Henry and the manager of Helmet guitarist/vocalist/sole original member Page Hamilton.

Hamilton is also keeping busy right now working on the cool Close to Home art series, which celebrates Helmet's 20-year anniversary.

For a bit of pre-Seeing Eye Dog action, the band have announced a handful of U.S. dates for April and May. Head here to see if you're in one of the few lucky towns that the band have so far confirmed they'll be hitting this year.

Hamilton told Ultimate Guitar back in January of 2008 that he's thinking two more records after Monochrome might be a realistic goal, as he was 48 at the time of that interview. So Seeing Eye Dog may indeed be the beginning of the end for this pioneering band (and the title may indeed be Hamilton poking fun at his age, but that's just a guess).

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