Hellothisisalex The Canadian Spelling Program

If it is possible to encapsulate youthful innocence and lack of trend following savvy into music, Hellothisisalex comes very close. Sweet, light-hearted Casio tones are coupled with the dated, yet warm and lush sound of Moog synthesisers, which may have been the cutting edge of sound 20 or 30 years ago but now seems charmingly dated and quite quirky. I must admit rolling my eyes and being taken a little aback when I first heard this CD, but got into it within a few seconds. Hellothisisalex is Mark Prier and Melissa Creasey, who seem to be composing soundtracks to their innocuous lives with songs like "Deep River, Ontario," "Television, My Lazy Brother" and "Working In a Small Tape Store." The Canadian Spelling Program would best be appreciated by those that want something different from IDM and 4/4 dance music. In this case, a quirky musical foray into warped synth-pop via keyboards and other musical machines. (Pie Head)