Hellacopters / Flaming Sideburns White Trash Soul!

It's a healthy dose of soulful American garage rock direct from Scandanavia. Label-mates the Hellacopters and the Flaming Sideburns team up on White Trash Soul! to shake their thangs as best as these Swedes and Fins can. Although both bands have always been more about ear-splitting rock than soul, this EP starts off on the right note, with two Smokey Robinson tracks, "Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart" and "Get Ready," fired-up with brilliant electric abandon by the Hellacopters. The best of the three Sideburns tracks here is "Underground Confusion," performed again by the Hellacopters. The Sideburns return the favour by covering a great rock burner by the Hellacopters called "Psyched Out and Furious," along with two of their own tracks. Although both bands have the chops and the fury, only the Hellacopters can lay any claim to any soul, white trash or otherwise. (Bad Afro)