Helios Veriditas

Helios Veriditas
There's a kind of shapelessness to this new collection of Helios tracks that stands in contrast to some of the work found on his previous five releases. Keith Kenniff has long been known for turning out luxurious downtempo material (not to mention new classical and shoegaze work under the stage names Goldmund and Mint Julep, respectively). What differentiates Veriditas is its complete lack of conventional song structure.
Instead, we get a dozen handsome ambient vignettes. No two are alike, but together, they comprise a touchingly picturesque story.
Veriditas is primarily an electronic production. There are drone elements here, but they're layered and intricate enough to stand on their own as opposed to simply holding the more interesting sections together.
And there is plenty here that will be of interest. Kenniff incorporates guitar and piano with both conventional and unconventional techniques.
The album's title is a nod to philosopher, writer, composer and Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen and her belief in the healing power of nature. Bingen had a remarkable career as a nun (she was sainted after her death in 1179), naturalist, feminist and much more.
Kenniff has done the famous thinker proud. If it's possible to be both inspired and lulled into a deep state of relaxation at the same time, his new work does the trick. (Ghostly International)