Heidecker & Wood "Wedding Song" / "Christmas Suite"

Heidecker & Wood 'Wedding Song' / 'Christmas Suite'
Last month, we learned that Tim and Eric funnyman Tim Heidecker had had formed a new band, Heidecker & Wood. As a collaboration with David Wood, who composes music for Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, the pair have an album called Starting from Nowhere due out on April 15 via Little Record Company, and you can now download the new track "Wedding Song."

It's a schmaltzy, over-the-top love song that's laden with slinky horns and adult contemporary guitar solos. It's funny, but there's no punch line, so it's tough to tell whether Heidecker is joking when he drops silly lines like "I hope there's a preacher / 'Cause I know there's a groom / I don't have a ring, girl / But I've got the room."

Download "Wedding Song" here.

For more Heidecker & Wood, go here to pick up "Christmas Suite," a bonus track from Starting from Nowhere. Like "Wedding Song," it's a syrupy soft rocker that leaves you waiting for comedic payoff that never comes.