Heems "Soup Boys" (video)

Heems 'Soup Boys' (video)
U.S. President Barack Obama may be celebrating the official start of his second term this week, but that doesn't mean it's been smooth sailing for the political figure. Last night (January 20) Lupe Fiasco was booted from the stage at the StartUp RockOn event in Washington after delivering pointed lyrics about Gaza bombings during a 30-minute rendition of "Words I Never Said," and now former Das Racist rapper Heems has delivered a timely diss in the form of a new video for the drones-awareness cut "Soup Boys," off of his recent Wild Water Kingdom.

The video kicks off with some interview footage with Obama, which skirts the issue of drone attacks. Heems then enters the vid in front of a green screen showing footage of CGI bombers and a militia's machinegun-intensive target practice while spitting lyrics like, "Drones want to wild and drones want to kill/Drones want your dome and your bone and your grill."

You can check out the politically-minded, though deceptively danceable cut down below.