HeCTA "Sympathy for the Auto Industry"

HeCTA 'Sympathy for the Auto Industry'
After teasing their self-titled LP with the Buddy Hackett-sampling track "the concept", Lambchop offshoot HeCTA are now shifting the focus from comedy routines towards saddened new wave sounds. You can hear what we mean by streaming their latest single, "Sympathy for the Auto Industry."

80s-era synth patches and a punchy drum machine rhythm are the backdrop for the cut, with the melancholy melodies amped up even more so vis-a-vis Kurt Wagner's croon. "You shouldn't have to change a thing except your mind," he calls out at one point, suggesting the troubles some have with adapting to the world around them.

The band said of the song in a statement: "Woe be it unto the man whose tastes are frozen forever, for given time, space, and understanding, such things become reborn and reimagined as we search for a creative kernel of truth."

You can stream the single down below, while the album lands September 18 via Merge Records.