Holy Water Pool

BY Cosette SchulzPublished Sep 23, 2015

Oof. This a solid record.
Holy Water Pool, the debut LP from Grand Rapids, MI-based trio Heaters, is a lush mixture of Allah Las-esque instrumentals and Ty Segall fuzz ferocity, riding a reverb wave through 11 solid tracks with nary a falter or misstep. Starting off with the slow building intensity of "Kamikaze," Holy Water Pool intensifies from song to song, growing like a sonic tsunami. The energy never wanes, taking a moment to breathe with the scrumptious country western-tinged instrumental "Hawaiian Holiday," before coursing through the twangy build-up of "Detonator Eyes" and the hop-along "Bad Beat" before melting into the psychedelic swirl of "Gum Drop." Their mind-sticking melodies are heavy on the fuzz and tight drums; they're at times manic, but always seamless and awfully satisfying, making it hard to focus on a single preeminent track. Each one has its own quality that makes it just as enjoyable as the one before.
There is certainly no shortage of bands offering up reverb-drenched, trembling garage rock, even with surf rock undertones, but Heaters have somehow avoided the exhausted approach to the genre, perfecting a blend of garage lo-fi, psych, surf and honest-to-goodness rock'n'roll. Yes, they've got their reverb punched up and their tremolo dial on high, but it's all bang-on without sounding hokey or forced. Heaters' debut is near perfect; here's hoping they won't cool down anytime soon.
(Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)

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