Heat From A DeadStar Seven Rays Of The Sun

The debut LP from Heat From A DeadStar starts off rough with a noisy, psychedelic rendering of could-be brilliance but is instead a counterproductive post-punk disaster. Vocalist Pierrick Abouquir sounds out of tune and blatantly awful. He redeems himself quickly in the following tracks, which actually feature more melody and at times, piano. This record is very chaotic and the shoddy production doesn't help their cause. I find myself wanting to like it but with its inability to remain consistent I instead find myself staring off into space. Attention returns with track seven, a soft little number called "Daylight" that's almost a ballad. Instrumentals like "The Gallows" and "Velvet Chairs" accentuate the psychedelic guitars, also played by Pierrick. This London, UK band definitely need practice and a compass, because right now they're heading towards a dead end. (Ace of Hearts)