Heartsrevolution "Choose Your Own Adventure (C.Y.O.A.)"

Heartsrevolution 'Choose Your Own Adventure (C.Y.O.A.)'
As their name suggests, Ben and Lo love hearts, as well as unicorns and ice cream. In fact, they love ice cream so much that Lo even bought an ice cream truck, after deciding her nine to five was too soulsucking – a thought that first hit her at a rave (their story can be read in a super cool Choose Your Own Adventure-like flip book ). The pair met when Lo asked Ben for some songs to play in her truck, and lo and behold, Heartsrevolution and Heartschallenger – their brand that uses an ice cream truck to "showcase their favourite things” like international ice cream, mix-tapes, candy, stickers, buttons, etc. - was born. Inspired musically by the "boy/girl revolution” envisaged by legendary indie punks Huggy Bear (whose "Her Jazz” they’ve remixed), so far their first two releases have been a glow in the dark split seven-inch with Crystal Castles, and an adorable slab of white vinyl in the shape of a heart for this song’s seven-inch. Whoever said CDs and vinyl were on the outs never met Heartsrevolution. Oddly enough, the profound attention to detail in their style is complemented by their music. Much like their pals Crystal Castles, Heartsrevolution intensify the distortion in their electro; but unlike the more abrasive Crystal Castles, they know to keep their songs sweet like the candy they push driving from city to city. Lo’s shouty mic control is like that of a six-year-old at a karaoke birthday party, working out the best option between "foxes and bunnies, fire and snow” in choosing her own adventure. Ben’s cut’n’paste guitars and jumpy DIY hip-hop beats are pretty rousing, but the mesmerising synth riff that falls in and out of the mix is what will make them underground stars - that is, if they choose that adventure.