Heartsrevolution Switchblade EP

After a year of re-releasing single "C.Y.O.A.,” NYC-based duo Heartsrevolution have finally, well, re-released something else: their five-song EP, Switchblade. Perhaps the best thing about this group is their off stage antics, which include touring in an ice cream truck and operating a business called Heartschallenger, which finds Lo and Ben working weddings, parties and various events to sell their international ice cream, candy, toys, merch, T-shirts and mixtapes in said truck. Sounds like fun, right? Well, somehow Heartsrevolution exude that same kind of creative energy in their music, which sounds like a confectionery being thrust through a distorted Casio. The absent "C.Y.O.A.” is still their bread and butter, however the title track is a fine runner-up, a bubblegum pop song filtered through roughened electro-house. "Wolves + Libertines” shows a punkier side, not unlike the pre-sell-out Le Tigre, but it’s "Digital Suicide” and its lullaby remix that show this pair’s potential, moving away from thrashing dance punks into thin-skinned dreamers with an undeniably classic ballad. (iheartcomix)