Heartsounds Announce 'Drifter' Album, Share New Track

Heartsounds Announce 'Drifter' Album, Share New Track
Following their recent signing of the Menzingers, Epitaph Records will continue a return to their Californian punk sound with a new album from San Francisco, CA's Heartsounds. The group released their debut album, Until We Surrender, in 2010 and will follow it up with a new release, Drifter, this summer.

While their melodic approach to punk rock remains intact, Heartsounds have changed the formula slightly by expanding their lineup, adding Trey Derbes and Kyle Camarillo as a full-time rhythm section to Laura Nichol and Ben Murray's guitar and vocal attack.

According to a press release, "Drifter is fast, modern, melodic punk with many different influences evident within the record, including hints of '80s bands like Queen and Fleetwood Mac, while keeping the intensity of '90s era punk."

Epitaph will release Drifter on July 26. The album's title track can be streamed below.


1. "Every Second Counts"
2. "Unconditional"
3. "Drifter"
4. "I Have Nobody to Betray"
5. "Elements"
6. "Race to the Bottom"
7. "Don't Talk With Your Mouth Open"
8. "Everything's Going My Way"
9. "Echo"
10. "You Are Not Your Body"
11. "Uncomfortably Numb"
12. "Nothing Happens for a Reason"