Headstrong Headstrong

There is no need to sell me on the merits of Headstrong. As a fan of the group since they emerged in Toronto as Bomb 32, I have keep an eye on what the quartet was offering up. Now signed up to a big U.S. label, Headstrong is releasing their debut disc. A combination of classic material ("Swing Harder,” "All of the Above”) and newer work ("Adriana”), this record is a good example of what this band has got. The record starts out with an introduction to the driving guitars of Joel Krass, whose effect mirrors the boxing theme of the liner notes. Bassist Jon Cohen shines on tracks like "I Am for Real” and "Hoodies & Hoods,” but the flow of the disc is lost in a less-than-ideal running order that buries distinctive tracks like "State” at the bottom of the disc. And don’t be fooled by the more accessible single, "Adriana” (an obvious lyrical message on this one was lost on me), as it isn’t representative of the heavier edge of the rest of the record. However, this is till great for fans and as an introduction to others. (BMG)