Headscan Pattern Recognition

When an up-and-coming band cross too many influences and genres, they risk alienating their potential fan-base. Just because you’re another techno/electro/industrial music hybrid on the scene doesn’t mean you have to produce watered-down music. In fact, if you are Headscan, you’ll manage to put together a couple of great tracks. Following their first full-length release, Shaper and Mechanist, the Montreal-based duo have found their niche in the dark dance music realm. At first, this appears to be an album with a fantastically ominous feel, albeit far too slow moving. "Sentinel,” the fourth track on the disc, manages to kick-start the beats per minute, however, which paves the way for a couple of dance floor worthy singles, including "Permafrost” and "Antenna Manifold.” The rest of the album is unfortunately filler; however, for filler they are still decently put together. In fact, most fans of electro industrial music will find something to identify with here. (Artoffact)